Drilling Material Additives

Lost circulation and friction due to drag during drilling remain as some of the most prevalent operational issues, and a leading contributor to very costly non-productive time (NPT), especially in an off-shore environment. We have very effective solutions to this and other Drilling Material Additive problems.

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When porous formations are encountered during drilling, a significant amount of expensive Drilling Mud materials can be lost.


Superior Graphite has developed resilient synthetic graphites with specific particle size distribution that will help reduce Drilling Mud Loss.


Considerable drag and torque problems can be encountered, particularly when drilling directionally.


We offer a selection of natural and synthetic graphites that provide lubrication and friction reduction during drilling.

Fig. 01

Superior Graphite has developed resilient, specifically sized synthetic graphite grades to address this challenge. The resilient graphite deforms and bridges in large pore throats or fractures found in formations such as sand or limestone. Depending on size, the product can be applied in pill form to cure fluid loss from seepage to severe loss that could reach hundreds barrels per hour.

Graphite is also well known for its lubricity. In drilling fluids, graphite is a proven mechanical lubricant in reducing torque and drag, enabling operators to drill longer laterals to reach target reservoirs. Superior Graphite’s natural graphite product line provides a cost effective solution to increase drilling fluid lubricity.

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