Food Grade Polymers

Food grade polymers are finding more and more applications in food handling and processing equipment for industries and households. Polymers can potentially replace metal, lower material cost, and provide corrosion resistance. Modified food grade polymers using graphite are particularly suitable for demanding applications that require the materials to be conductive or lubricious. Graphite-modified food grade polymers are an excellent solution for self-lubricating parts in environments that cannot accommodate liquid lubricants.

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Consistent Purity Level Via Thermal Purification

Food Grade Polymers

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In Europe, graphite is permitted to be used as a food grade additive in plastic materials, which is intended to come in contact with food, without any specific migration limits due to graphite's inert properties. However, not all purities of a substance are suitable, even if no specifications are listed in the Union list of the Plastics Regulation (EU) No 10/2011. Also, the impurities need to be considered as the Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) in accordance with Article 3(9) of the Plastics Regulation.

Solution Using Food Grade Polymers

To ensure the carbonaceous material is of suitable quality, Superior Graphite developed FormulaPT™ products, including NXG grades, which provide extremely high purity with very low levels of unwanted elemental constituents.

Superior Graphite uses its proprietary Electro-Thermal Treatment/Purification Technology, which exposes carbon and graphite precursor materials to temperatures approaching 3000°C, which results in high carbon products that are virtually free of impurities. Removing volatile gases and select heavy elements creates a highly ordered crystalline structure with exceptional purity and consistency, increased resiliency, lubricity, and thermal and electrical conductivity. Our FormulaPT™ thermally purified NXG products are designed to meet EU-food contact regulation No. 10/2011. Superior Graphite's continuous processing technology, the only one in the industry, allows us to produce large quantities at a much faster pace and more cost-effectively than traditional batch processing.

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