Consultative Approach

Over the years, we find the true value we bring to our customers is the consultative nature of our relationships. Regardless of the application, no two shops are exactly alike. Those differences only come to light when time and effort are spent in understanding the unique situations and challenges for each of our customers. We pride ourselves in working with, and developing an intimate knowledge of the processes and specific issues our customers deal with. Only then can we provide the most effective and comprehensive solutions.

Whether the application is loss circulation for Drilling Materials Additives, carbon additions for Steel or Iron, conductivity enhancement in Energy/Thermal Management, lubricity or compressibility for Friction Materials, purity in Polymers, or strength in Non-Oxide Ceramics, we provide the technical expertise and collaborative efforts to help solve your unique problems.

Our highly trained technical team stands ready to work with you to provide the technical assistance and purpose-manufactured materials to optimize your processes and products. With over a century of experience in carbon and graphite products and processes, we are only an email or call away.

Fig. 01

Consultative Approach

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