Precision Processing

Grinding, Sizing & Custom Mixes

Since 1917, the grinding and sizing of granular materials has been at the core of Superior Graphite's business. Our continuous investment in the latest technology in milling, blending, and classification systems, along with our engineering focus on the characterization of carbon and graphite, allow us to economically deliver premium quality graphite, carbons, and custom carbon blends with precise particle size and morphology control.

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Grinding, Sizing & Custom Mixes

Grinding and Sizing

Superior Graphite operates milling, grinding, and classifying equipment to provide our products in the particle size and morphology required by different applications. These range from smooth roll crushing, to air jet milling, to attrition milling for product size ranges from around 1000 microns down to 1 micron.

Custom Mixes

A variety of techniques are used to provide homogeneous mixing of custom blends to assure consistency throughout the product. Our products in this category are typically the result of cooperation between our customers and production team to develop a custom blend to address specific final characteristics or requirements.

The choice of which technology to utilize for sizing or mixing depends on the type of natural or synthetic graphite, cokes or carbons, or related materials to be treated, as well as the requirements of the targeted customer application regarding particle size distribution, shape, morphology, or product mix.

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