Our goal at Superior Graphite is to be a good corporate citizen of the world we share. We know expectation exists for the private sector to act as a force for public good. Our efforts in this area include how our company engages with its employees, customers, and communities to address vital social needs, business objectives and stakeholder expectations.

Superior Graphite works with our customers to examine their current social engagement strategies, to better align with their activities, and to help meet their goals. We help our customers and employees in social engagement strategies – around contributions, volunteerism, and cause marketing – that provide a positive return on investment to both the community and the business. A few examples of our activities and supporting contributions include:

  • Chicago Food bank (Greater Chicago Food Depository)
  • Through the Union League Club of Chicago:
    • Chicago Engineers Foundation
    • Luminarts Foundation
    • ULCC Boys and Girls Club
  • Christian County Food Depository
  • Lukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Challengers Baseball League

We will continue to do our part to meet our responsibilities of social engagement to our customers, employees, communities, and institutions in supporting these and other worthwhile, valuable, and effective programs.

Fig. 01

Celebrating Red Nose Day 2018 to help end child poverty

Social Engagement

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