In our quest for innovative solutions, we maintain two R&D facilities. Each facility, located at a specific manufacturing site, is designed to support our various processing technologies and to develop new products and processes.

The High Temperature Research Center

In Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA, focuses its research on the thermal purification of carbon and graphite along with the carbo-thermal synthesis of advanced ceramic materials. This R&D facility includes a pilot unit to perform research and development on reactor technology, new raw materials and new products.

The Peter R. Carney Technology Center

Is one of North America's largest research and development centers for carbon and graphite products. It was established in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1997. Teams of highly qualified scientists and engineers focus on the characterization of carbon and graphite as well as on the applications of carbon and graphite compounds.

Fig. 01

Dr. Francois Henry in the High Temperature Research Center in Hopkinsville, KY, USA

High Temperature Research Center

Fig. 02

The Peter R. Carney Technology Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA

PRC Technology Center

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