SINTER-PUR® Non-Oxide Ceramic Powders

Superior Graphite is a key global supplier of high performance sub-micron Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide powder to the Advanced Ceramics Industry, which includes applications such as ceramic wear parts and ceramic armor. Our highly-sinterable Beta Silicon Carbide, Alpha Silicon Carbide, and Boron Carbide powder, SINTER-PUR®, is ideal for processing into parts due to its proven sintered mechanical properties, along with traditional corrosion/oxidation resistance, high hardness and thermal conductivity. Superior Graphite employs state-of-the-art milling technologies to create these advanced non-oxide ceramic powders. We manufacture virgin powders, as well as ready-to-press formulations. The finest grades of (α)-SiC, beta (β)-SiC, and Boron Carbide (B4C) can be processed into sintered shapes that exhibit the excellent mechanical properties, hardness, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity required for high-performance applications.

Alpha Silicon Carbide (Alpha SiC)

Alpha SiC is hexagonal in structure with relatively large single crystals. It is harder than beta, and is highly sinterable in sub-micron size. Alpha SiC is used in high performance wear parts, such as seal rings and pump parts, armor, and abrasive applications.

Fig. 01

SEM of Alpha Silicon Carbide

Beta Silicon Carbide (Beta SiC)

Beta SiC is cubic in structure, microcrystalline, provides wear resistance in coatings and composites, and is highly sinterable in sub-micron size. It is used in high performance wear parts, such as seal rings and pump parts. Beta SiC is also used as an additive to toner for increased flowability and internal printer cleaning, and as additive to nickel, chrome, aluminum and other materials for strength.

Fig. 02

SEM of Beta Silicon Carbide

Boron Carbide (B4C)

B4C has a complex crystal structure, and is an extremely hard ceramic with Vickers hardness >30 MPa and a high cross section for absorbing neutrons. It is used in wear parts, abrasives (for ultrasonic cutting and lapping), nuclear shielding, ceramic armor, and is also used as a sintering aid.

Fig. 03

SEM of Boron Carbide

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