Mission Statement
We create value for our customers by providing Superior Solutions- utilizing our unique technologies, processes and talents- while contributing to the company’s long term success.

Strategic Vision
Globally positioned and most-reliable supplier of customer oriented graphite and carbon-based solutions into selected markets.


Promote the health and well-being of employees to encourage a meaningful work/life balance.

Customer Focus

Explore and develop relationships with customers and business partners that provide value.


Embrace change and progress, develop solutions, and challenge each other to continuously improve.


Conduct affairs with integrity; do the right thing, safely, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


Strive for excellence; set high goals and expect achievement throughout the organization.


Be open, honest and professional in our conduct and actively collaborate to achieve the best outcome.

Fig. 01

Superior Values

Mission & Vision

SGC Principles


Being consequential, knowledgeable, and purposeful in what we pursue.


Following procedures and strict tolerance levels, walking the talk, and being accountable.


Doing things right the first time in all aspects of what we do. Think before doing.

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