About Superior Graphite

Since 1917, Superior Graphite has been committed to enhancing our ability to adapt to ever-changing business and economic conditions, placing us in a position of continuous growth and evolution with our customers. Our company has explored the physical and geographical frontiers of its markets. In the late 1970s, this pioneering approach led to the invention of a new, patented furnace technology that revolutionized our product range and transformed the company (until then, graphite was mainly processed from natural mineral resources or the re-crushing of spent electrodes). We introduced unique large scale continuous Electro-Thermal Treatment/Purification Technology that purifies and/or treats carbonaceous materials, which expanded the boundaries of natural and synthetic graphite purification, as well as the process of synthesizing graphite or other carbon-based materials. We have also explored new avenues in continuous graphitization and developed a number of innovative processes.

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