Safety is our number 1 priority at Superior Graphite.  There are many facets and elements to Superior’s commitment to safety.  They reflect our never-ending efforts to promote an uncompromising safe environment and to ensure the wellbeing of all employees in working toward continuous improvement in safety excellence.  They include:

Process Safety and Occupational Safety:
Commitment to develop and implement a sound safety culture, maintain a dependable practice of safety and monitor and guide the culture of Superior Graphite

Personal Health and Safety:
Partners in Safety is an annual affirmation for all employees and indoctrination for new employees.

Contractor Safety:
We partner with our vendors and contractors to develop and implement a comprehensive health and safety plan for all employees, which covers all aspects of onsite construction, operations, and activities associated with the contract. This plan must comply with all applicable health and safety regulations, and any project-specific requirements that our company has specified.

We believe that safety is not a destination, but a journey of never ending efforts to make our people, processes, materials, and facilities the safest they can possibly be.

Fig. 01

Safety Management

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