Desulco®: A High Quality Recarburizer Solution

Developed for the demanding needs of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry for a high purity consistent recarburizer, Superior Graphite consistently produces Desulco®, a premium graphitic carbon raiser with high carbon purity levels utilizing a proprietary Electro-Thermal Treatment/Purification Technology. Desulco® recarburiser contains no dust, low ash and sulfur, and consistently low gas levels. The result is rapid dissolution, maximum carbon recovery and minimal additions to the melt, which saves time and money lost due to scrap. Desulco® is the most cost effective carbon raiser additive available. When looking for quality and cost effectiveness in a carbon raiser, Desulco® recarburiser is the superior solution.

Fig. 01

SEM of Desulco®: Carbon Raiser | Recarburiser

Desulco Carbon Raiser

Steel Production

Desulco® recarburiser is used to increase the carbon content for the production of high carbon steels such as: steel cord tire wire, heavy plate, rail, bearing steel, special billet qualities as well as a final trim addition for low and medium carbon steels at the ladle metallurgy furnace.

Ferrous Foundries

Desulco® carbon raiser is used as a charge carbon and trim additive for the production of gray and ductile iron, along with pretreatment of ductile iron, and to reduce chill depth in gray cast iron.

Melt Cover

DesulcoMC® is successfully used as melt cover for pure copper, brass, bronze or other copper alloys in order to prevent oxidation of the melt and to deter the formation of oxide slag. DesulcoMC® has a graphitic crystalline structure and therefore, does not oxidize as readily as coke and charcoal resulting in lower consumption of the melt cover material. DesulcoMC® is also chemically inert and as a result does not react with copper and its alloys.

Benefits of Desulco®: Carbon Raiser | Recarburiser

  • Provides the greatest nucleating effect, which increases nodule count, improves nodularity, reduces undercooling and chill for improved mechanical properties
  • High carbon purity provides more carbon units and less slag
  • Low sulfur content reduces ductile treatment cost and pig iron usage
  • Consistently low gas (N, H, & O) levels prevent porosity formation and the production of unwanted compounds
  • Properly sized for the intended applications to assure rapid carbon dissolution, higher carbon recovery and fewer fines, which leads to increased efficiency, higher productivity and lower operational cost
  • Low ash content contributes to faster carbon dissolution, less slag formation resulting in lower furnace and ladle maintenance cost along with a cleaner alloy
  • Low moisture and volatile content reduces spatter or popping of molten alloy from the furnace, along with less noxious fumes for the safety of melt personnel

Fig. 02

Carbon Recovery at 20 Minutes

Carbon Recovery

Fig. 03

Chill Depth Reduction

Chill Depth Reduction

Fig. 04

Increase in Carbon Content vs. Dissolution Time for Various Carbon Raisers

Carbon Content vs. Dissolution Time for Various Carbon Raisers

Fig. 05

Time for Various Carbon Raisers to Reach 3.90% of Carbon Equivalent

Carbon Equivalent

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