Carbon Additives for Ductile Iron

Ductile Iron foundries use a variety of carbon additives to increase the carbon content of the melt in order to provide a number of beneficial characteristics. The iron must have a specific carbon level to attain the proper carbon equivalent (CE) in order to achieve the desired mechanical properties. To meet this challenge, Superior Graphite has developed Desulco®, the purest form of carbon additive available on the market today. Desulco® is the number one choice (charge and trim) recarburizer for ferrous foundries around the world.

How can we help address your challenges?


Carbon recovery in the melt can be very low.


Desulco® maximizes material utilization with high carbon recovery rates saving production time and money.


Mechanical properties of the iron can be very poor.


Desulco® provides the greatest nucleating effect, which increases nodule count, improves nodularity, and reduces undercooling and chill for improved mechanical properties.


High scrap rate can be experienced due to porosity defects.


Desulco® consistently contains low nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen levels that prevent porosity formation and the production of unwanted compounds in the finished casting.


Over the past four decades, Desulco® has successfully been used as a charge carbon and ladle trim additive, for the production of steel, ductile and gray iron castings. Desulco® provides the greatest nucleating effect, which promotes improved mechanical properties. Its high carbon purity and low ash content assures rapid dissolution, more carbon units, and less slag formation for a cleaner alloy. Its consistently low sulfur and gas contents reduce ductile iron treatment cost and pig iron usage. Desulco® is available in various sizes for the intended application to assure rapid dissolution and high carbon recovery.

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