Melt Cover for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

Carbonaceous materials are typically used as melt covers over pure copper, brass and bronze or other copper alloys, to prevent oxidation of the melt and to deter formation of oxide slag. While various materials can be used, high purity materials provide a high level of protection with a minimum amount of contamination. To meet this challenge, Superior Graphite developed DesulcoMC®, a premium high performance melt cover.

How can we help address your challenges?


A high consumption of melt cover material is experienced.


DesulcoMC® has a graphitic crystalline structure and therefore does not oxidize as readily as coke and charcoal, resulting in lower consumption rates of the melt cover material.


The alloy is becoming contaminated by gases and elemental impurities.


Due to the high purity of DesulcoMC®, the pick-up of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen is greatly reduced, as well as the contamination through distributing metallic elements such as iron, which is commonly found in high concentrations in graphite electrode scrap.

DesulcoMC® is a premium melt cover which reduces the pick-up of gases as well as elemental contamination. The reactivity of DesulcoMC® also supports the reduction of copper oxide, subsequently increasing the copper yield. Its low gas levels also help avoid the use of fluxes or reactive elements to degas the molten copper. No fumes are produced and no erosion of the furnace lining occurs. DesulcoMC® is also chemically inert and does not react with copper and its alloys. Its hardness also resists the self-generation of fines.

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