Energy/Thermal Management

Thermal Management

The development of efficient methods and processes of heat dissipation for electronic components like chips, circuit boards, or systems is a significant challenge. Graphite can play an important role in thermal management applications due to its excellent thermal conductivity, which can significantly exceed the performance of aluminum and elastomers.

Fig. 01

Example of Thermal Management in an LED

Thermal Management

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Thermal management requirements are increasing due to the technological demands of newer electronic devices. Traditional copper or aluminum sheets may not meet such requirements.


Superior Graphite has developed highly conductive FormulaBT™ graphite products, which are the key components in the manufacturing of thermal management graphite foils/sheets.


As electronic systems get thinner and lighter, conventional high density metal sheets may not meet such rigorous physical requirements.


We have developed low density, high purity graphite powder products to meet the requirements for lighter thermal management foil/sheets.

Benefits of FormulaBT™:

FormulaBT™ is used as the active materials, blended with polymer binders to form thermal management foils/sheets with:

Excellent thermal conductivity
Light weight
Good mechanical properties
Ease of processing

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